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Living and working abroad in South Korea is a wonderful experience! Let me share with you life as an ex-pat in this wonderful country.

Emigrating  & Working Abroad

Emigrating & Working Abroad

Best Places to Visit in Jeonju - Gaeksa

Best Places to Visit in Jeonju  Hanok Village

Trying Out my Camera

Best Places to Visit in Jeonju Deokjin Park

Best Places to Visit in Jeonju
Jaman Mural Village

Visiting a Korean Hair Salon

Hiking in Jeonju

Skin Care - PDO Thread Lift

What I Miss from home

Hiking in Korea - Byeonsanbando

Hiking in Korea - Seonyudo

Biking in Korea - Beokgolje

Hiking in Korea - Fish Island

Markets in Korea - Jeonju
Nambu Market

South Korean Culture - Jeonju
Hanok Village

Media Facade Performace - Jeonju Gamyoung

Hiking in Korea - Daedunsan

Korean Bamboo Forest

Biking in Korea - Jeonju

Cooking Korean Food - Kimch Jjigae

Skin Care - Rejuran Healer

Travelling to Ireland
Pandemic Travel

Driving in Ireland

Driving in Ireland

Visiting a Church in Ireland

Travelling to Korea 
Pandemic Travel

Best Places to Visit in Gunsan 
Eunpa Park