Believe it or not... there is no universally accepted definition of a mountain! Some geographers claim that a mountain is greater than 300 metres (1,000 feet) above sea level. Others, such as the Oxford English Dictionary, put the hill limit at twice that. Others state that it's about the degree of slope (including two degrees or five degrees).

If you live in Scotland..... landforms with distinct summits are called ‘hills’ no matter what their height. But, if you live in America, there are several ‘mounts’ that are less than 300 metres (1,000 feet) tall.

So, what have we learned?? Basically, a hill becomes a mountain when someone says it's a mountain!

Here in South Korea... there are big and small mountains. 70% mountainous in fact so, needless to say, mountain (not hill) climbing is a favorite pastime for Koreans keeping them fit and healthy well into the 'golden' years! If you're looking for a Korean hike... look no further than the islands of South Korea... Gogunsan-gundo (고곤산도)!

Seonyudo is a part of 20 island group in Gunsan, Jeollabuk-do known as Gogunsan-gundo (고곤산도) a great place for a korean hike if you want GREAT views!! It is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the west coast during the summer. You can get to other islands from Seonyudo via the connecting bridges, so it is easy to explore the neighboring islands as well. We went to a couple of the islands in South Korea, Seonyudo (선유도) and Daejangdo (대장도). We climbed Daejang-bong (대장봉) a small mountain (not a hill), but it felt like being on top of the world!!

While there you can rent a bicycle, scooter, an atv or a boat! You can also go fishing on Jangjagyo (bridge). We saw loads of people set up for the day while driving past! If that's your jam.. you can rent fishing rods and bait from the various stores around the island. During low tide, the mud flats are popular for catching shellfish and clams.

Centuries ago, Seonyudo was a Korean naval base commissioned by the king to defend the mainland against Japanese invaders. Even Korea’s greatest naval hero, Yi Sun-shin (이순신), is said to have rested here with his soldiers for 12 days in 1597.

But today, a popular tourist attraction, Seonyudo means, “an island so beautiful that god admires it”

Not surprising at all!!