Cherry Blossoms Everywhere!

Eunpa Lake Park (은파호수공원) is a 9.5 kilometer loop trail located in Gunsan, Jeollabuk-do. Once a reservoir built before the Joseon dynasty, it supplied water to farms nearby. In 1985, the lake and it's surrounding mountains were designated as a national tourist site.

Not only popular for it's beauty and the way the water shines silvery in the sunlight (hence it's name Eunpa - 'silver wave') it was also featured on Daedongyeojido (Grand Map of Korea), a revered document developed by geographer Kim Jeong-ho.

In Eunpa Park Lake you can walk, jog or ride a bike anytime of the day (although you can't skate or ride a bike along the walkways). The park is open to the public to enjoy any time of the year! during summer, people enjoy wind surfing and boating. In the fall, people walk the beautiful promenade and pick chestnuts and in Spring, a one kilometer road that runs up from the park entrance is lined with cherry trees that create a stunning tunnel of pink flowers each spring, drawing crowds of families and couples each year. Cherry trees are also visible throughout the trail giving great enjoyment to everyone passing them by! At the park, you’ll also find an inline skating area, a waterfront stage, and a lotus flower garden.

At the centre of the lake park is the Mulbit Bridge, translated as water light bridge. 370m long and 3m wide it is a landmark of the Eunpa tourist site, offering impressive views of the Music Fountain which operates 8 times (20 minutes per round) a day.