Hiking on the steepest bridge! 

Hiking Daedunsan

A mountain in Chungcheongnam-do, western South Korea with an elevation of 878 metres. Daedunsan has a thousand stone rods extending for 6 km and belongs to the "Old Mountain Range". The vegetation is generally 600m in height, with pine trees, oak trees, Korean plum-yem trees and so on. Above that, deciduous broad-leaved trees are dense. 

Hiking daedunsan in Autumn!

Two cable cars are in operation on Daedunsan, operating without incident since 1990. They run alternately along the 927m rail, angled at 23 degrees. Each car can fit up to 50 passengers and transports them to the upper station in 5 minutes, where you can then exit and start your ascent! If you're a seasoned climber... don't bother with the car and hike the whole thing!! The view from the cable car during Autumn is just STUNNING though! Daedunsan Mountain Provincial Park stretches over the borders of Wanju-gun of Jeollabuk-do and Nonsan-si and Geumsan-gun of Chungcheongnam-do. Spanning from Macheondae Peak that rises 878 meters above the sea, it offers a magnificent spectacle with strange rock formations, causing it to be dubbed as the Small Geumgangsan Mountain in the Honam area.

What makes Daedunsan Mountain stand out from the other mountains of Korea though, is its two bridges: the Geumgang Gureum Bridge and the Samseon Overpass, or Cloud Bridge. 

Geumgang Gureum Bridge

After exiting the cable car and climbing for a while you reach Geumgang Gureum Bridge one of the most famous bridges in Daedunsan Mountain. Don't look down the 81mtrs if you're afraid of heights!! The steel bridge built September 27, 1985 is a little shaky with a few people on it at the same time but the views are breathtaking! Walking along this suspension bridge, the  country's first and longest suspension bridge, you will go from Imgeum Rock over to Ipseokdae Rock

Samseon Gureum Bridge

Next is Samseon Rock viewable from Geumgang Gureum Bridge. Reached via a 127-step ladder bridge, it's 36mtrs long with an angle of approximately 51 degrees. Also built September 27, 1985, you feel like you're on top of the world looking over Daedunsan Mountain. You definitely don't want to look down over this ladder bridge if you're any way easily scared of heights! Oh, and it shakes a LOT when there are a few people on it!!

And finally! The top of the mountain! Mountains upon mountains are visible from the top, going on for miles and miles. The cities look so small and you look in awe at the little space we take up compared to how busy it seems when you're in the midst of it! The mountains command the space and we live where it lets us!! Can't wait to climb it again and again... Winter, Spring and OK, maybe not summer! Summer is hot just standing still!